Bed and Breakfasts in Emilia Romagna

Weekend in bed and breakfast? Here are a couple tried for you between Bologna and the Cesena hills

When I want to take off, but I don’t have a plane ticket, I decide to get in the car and take the green direction of the hills. I only need one night in a charming bed and breakfast to regenerate myself. In my Emilia Romagna there are a couple that I particularly love and I explain to you what they have in particular.

In the footsteps of Goethe in the bed and breakfast on the hills of Bologna

Not long ago, fascinated by an incredible story, I left for Paderno (BO). For my stay I chose an old barn, now renovated into a charming bed and breakfast. The idea fascinated me a lot and I was not wrong. Paderno, on the hills of Bologna, before me over the centuries has fascinated many illustrious travelers, including Goethe. Here a Bolognese cobbler, an alchemist by passion, was the first to discover baritina in 1600. It is a stone so special that it looks magical. Thanks to its ability to hold the light of the sun when night falls it lights up, becoming fluorescent.

Crescentine made as it used to be

I arrived it was lunch time. With Angelica, friendly host of the Fienile Fluò bed and breakfast, we sat at the table. She told me that many of the recipes that come to the table are the same as those of her great-grandmother. He found them on an old manuscript book, finding memories in the attic. Such as the Bolognese crescentines, still ironed by hand at the time as they used to do in Emilia Romagna. Here they are served paired with cheeses produced in local farms that prefer quality and authenticity criteria. To accompany the chopping board I chose a good glass of white wine with the La Rovere Colli di Paderno label produced in the “home” vineyards.

The sweet story of the Tenerina cake

My light-lunch ended with a sweet little moment. Not only because of the excellent dessert but because I discovered another beautiful story, that of Tenderina cake. Angelica told me that as a child she was her favorite cake and then revealed to me that she also has noble origins. The recipe was born in Ferrara, on the occasion of an aristocratic marriage of the Gonzagas who inspired his romantic name. After a pleasant relaxing break, I decided to get off in Bologna, actually 10 minutes away by car. Where have I been? I put my favorite addresses on this itinerary! At the end of the day, however, I returned to the hills curious to enjoy my room in the relais. It is a quiet and well-kept shelter full of sophisticated style details, mostly design objects made by hand with recycled materials. In the room I enjoyed the stereo system, listening to my favorite music directly in the smartphone. And before going to sleep, I booked a session of soft gymnastics (Qi Gong) the following morning.

Exotic trip to the Bertinoro bed and breakfast

The first time I happened to Cà Bevilacqua I thought that I was dreaming. On the slopes of Bertinoro (FC), I could have expected so many things, except to dream of traveling to distant lands. In fact, in the Cà Bevilacqua park there are various species of exotic animals, a dream that the owners took thirty years to realize. Walking in the green of the garden it often happens to hear the song of the African parrots, of the marabou or of the peacocks. And it really seems to have left for distant lands. But no, it is simply in Romagna.

African Experience

This bed and breakfast was an old family home. It has recently been transformed by the current hosts Loretta and Vidmer and tells the story of their life together. Tireless globe-trotters, sick of Africa, fans of brocantage and gardening, when they chose the place to stop they built their little world here. The park, especially in spring, but until late autumn, takes your breath away. Vidmer personally takes care of it, while Loretta brings together splendid compositions of cut flowers with which she decorates the table, colors old chandeliers and perfumes the rooms of the house. They are the animals of the park have inspired the names of the three rooms of Cà Bevilacqua. Loretta thinks about them and inside she gets all her passion for vintage furniture pieces. Often he goes around small markets in search of unique pieces, such as the old door with which he made the head of the bed of the Piuma Marabù room.

Every time I take time for myself and go to one of these two bed and breakfasts I come back regenerated. After all, traveling does not always require going far: sometimes, just changing the point of view is enough. What are the other things I love doing in my Emilia Romagna. There are many beautiful things (and I don’t say this out of parochialism), but there are some that I love in particular.